If you were to pop into High Dive on almost any given night, you’ll hear a variety of music, many times from outside of the city. That’s the case for DANA, a band from Ohio that combines punk, psyche, garage and more into an explosive sound, which you can hear on their new “Chaos Promo” EP. We caught up with the band before their April 17th show at High Dive with Evacuate The Earth and Marvelous Love. Check it out:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

DANA: Madeline Jackson, I play theremin and sing

Chris Lute, I play guitar (and sometimes sing)

Dan Matos, I play bass

Brian Baker, I play drums

B&E: You guys just put out your debut album last year. Who (or what) influenced the sound of that record?

MJ: The album features a cover of Pere Ubu – ‘Street Waves’ so it obviously influenced by that band and the works of the greater Ohio weirdo community, bands like DEVO, Brainiac, and The Breeders etc. For me personally, there’s definitely some trace elements of the effects of a childhood spent listening largely to classic pre-disco soul from Motown, Altanic and Stax. Lyrically I’m drawn to wordplay, metaphors and malaprop (example: Suburban Lawns) The original line up, that appeared on that record, all had varied backgrounds from improvised harsh noise to jazz and synth pop, so that all shows through. That sounds so goddamn pretentious, but like how do you talk about yourself?

B&E: Being from Ohio, have you guys ever played Milwaukee before?

MJ: This will be our third time in Milwaukee, we’ve played Lucky Cat and Quarter’s in the past.

B&E: After this tour, what’s next for Dana?

MJ: “This tour is support of an EP called “CHAOS PROMO” from Quality Time Records that’s designed to be sort of a precursor to our upcoming 2nd full length album from Heel Turn Records due later this year. We’re playing a few shows locally and regionally as well as couple of festivals this summer, with a much larger Midwest/West Coast tour slated for the fall.

B&E: For those that haven’t seen or heard Dana before, what should the crowd at High Dive expect?

MJ: “At the risk of sounding like an asshole, I will say DANA’s strength is largely in our live shows. You can expect a very cathartic, intense and high energy show. We’re just trying to keep the of candle innovative and intense midwestern rock n’ roll burning. My ego doesn’t allow me to phone it in, ever. (even if we’re all hungover, tired, or sick) We give the same show to 30 people that we give to 300. DANA sonically is psychedelic, it’s noisy, it’s soulful, it’s rock n’ roll. It’s what Dave Thomas would call “avant-garage.” I totally sound like an asshole, ha.”

CL: We sound like assholes.

B&E: Finally, you’re coming to Milwaukee. What’s your beer of choice?

DANA: Dan prefers PBR, Gennessee or Milwaukee’s Best, Brian will be drinking Schlitz, Chris prefers a single tall well tequila soda with a lime, Madeline likes Mexican beers and vodka rocks.

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