INTERVIEW: Halo Circus

Milwaukee’s Shank Hall is a gem in the sense that you never know what kind of show you may be getting, but you know that it will likely feature some incredibly talented acts. Electro pop duo Halo Circus are definitely very talented, and you can hear that on their latest album, “Robots And Wranglers”. We caught up with the band to find out more about them before their Thursday night show at Shank Hall. Check it out below:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

HC: We are two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.

B&E: You guys just put out your second album. How did recording this one feel different than your debut album, “Bunny”?

HC: Bunny was a labor of love. We wrote it and recorded it as a band and we played for years around LA getting the material right. We actually recorded it and mixed it twice. You could say that Robots And Wranglers is the flip side of that. We wrote and recorded it very quickly and had a solid focus from bar one.

B&E: Who (or what) in particular influenced this album?

HC: 2018 influenced and informed this album. For many reasons and in many ways this is a very loud year. It’s impossible to turn off the internet, everything is a debate and we are all going bananas. Ripe for artistic pickings.

B&E: What’s your favorite song on “Robots and Wranglers”?

HC: That is a tough question. When we’re a little angry “Narcissist” comes in quite handy. We are very proud of “Off The World.”

B&E: After this tour, what’s next for Halo Circus? 

HC: Hmmmmm….. Let me check my crystal ball… Yes, good… complete world domination. I was worried I’d be singing on The Voice or something.

B&E: You’re in the middle of an extensive tour. What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you guys on the road?

HC: The great thing about being musicians on tour is crazy is relative. Most mundane things would seem absurd to a normal person. Last time we played Tallahassee, the club owner came out during our set and started screaming. Apparently he didn’t know we were bilingual and seemed to be experiencing an allergic reaction to it. I’ve never been screamed at to stop playing mid-song before, at least not sober.

B&E: Finally, you’re coming to Milwaukee. What’s your beer of choice?

HC: We are both non-drinkers but we hear Milwaukee has great weed. Is it legal there yet? In LA, everything is legal. Including singing in Spanish.

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