AUDIO: Field Report – “Summertime Songs”

If there’s one thing to never question, it’s Chris Porterfield’s songwriting ability. After a two year-plus process, Field Report are back with their new album, “Summertime Songs”. This is the band’s third album, and a very personal one at that. As you can see in the wonderfully done mini-doc by 88Nine RadioMilwaukee, the album deals with the changes going on in Porterfield’s life, including friends around him, the political climate, and his own issues with alcohol. It all comes out on the record, combining big, grand sounds with vulnerability. It sounds very much like a record that cements a time in his life in history, while at the same time pushes everything forward. There’s a lot of well crafted material within each of the songs, and when you know the context of the record, it makes those songs feel like more than just a catchy part or meaningful line here and there. This is a very solid album, and it’s definitely recommended to check out both the mini-doc and “Summertime Songs” below:


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