AUDIO: Body Futures – “Maybe It’s Just The Weather”

With their first record in roughly three and a half years, Body Futures are back with their latest, “Maybe It’s Just The Weather”. The new album is well worth the wait, though, with the band breaking out anything and everything to create a sonically different experience. That includes DJ Hostettler on theremin, Dixie Jacobs on autoharp, and Michael Wojtasiak accenting guitarist Christopher Maury on 12 string bass at times. It all works together well, though, as the band delivers a high-energy release, with everything from indie-punk quick strikes like “Capacity Crowd” to the eight minute-plus “Embers & Oxygen”. This doesn’t feel like putting everything on the table, but rather throwing the table out of the window and seeing what you can make of the remains. It’s a fun album from start to finish, and definitely worth listening to a few times over. Check out “Maybe It’s Just The Weather” below:

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