AUDIO: Daydream Retrievers – “Daydream Retrievers”

It’s time to meet the newest band that will likely be playing a venue near you this year; Daydream Retrievers. The band, fronted by Ian Olvera, is celebrating the release of their debut album this weekend, playing a 414 Live session at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee last night, and with a formal record release show on Sunday night at Cactus Club. The album is full of catchy, bright indie rock, with just a little bit of Americana twang to it. Tracks like the addicting “Cars Can’t Stop” will be sure to hit local independent radio airwaves, with their monster hooks and some massive solos blending with straight up rock n’ roll grooves. This is a great introduction for the band, and arguably going to be a strong contender for many year-end lists by the time winter rolls back around. Check out the self-titled album below:

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