Today we once again reach a new stepping stone for Milwaukee-turned national indie pop act GGOOLLDD. The band officially released it’s third EP, “Teeth”, which is also their first release since packing up and hitting the road out of Milwaukee, and their first release on Roll Call Records. Four of the five tracks had been rolled out previously as singles, but all five tracks have seen the light of day in some form or another, with the previously unreleased EP closer “Without You” popping up in their most recent Summerfest set.

All in all, this feels like a big step forward for the band. Where their previous effort, “For The Night” felt more like the formal release of tracks that made up their live set, it feels like the material on “Teeth” was intended to be a cohesive project from the start. Interludes between the A-side of the record (“Undercovers” to “Excelsior Springs”) tie things together, and the B-side, with recent single “The Way That I Feel” is a little more upbeat and carefree. While we still don’t have a full album from GGOOLLDD, it looks like that could be the next progression for the band. The release show for “Teeth” will be a New Year’s Eve celebration at Turner Hall Ballroom, and DJ Madhatter aka Jordan from 88Nine RadioMilwaukee will be putting down sets in addition to the festivities. Check out “Teeth” below:

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