AUDIO: The Bang Bang – “Bridges”

Since The Bang Bang first fell onto our radar, we’ve been hooked on their sound and live show. Their combination of lo-fi, blues-influenced guitars and Katie Rash’s self-described “whiskey flavored” vocals (accurate) is inescapable. That combination of sounds is on full display with the band’s latest record, “Bridges”. Simply put, the album expands on where their breakout EP, “Funny Love”, left off, and puts a more refined edge to the band’s sound. The album opens with a (pardon the pun) bang, with the hard-hitting “Northwoods Narration”, follows up with a definite single in “Hey”, and the rest of the album keeps that energy going. If you’ve seen the band live before the record’s release, you might have heard a couple of these songs creeping into their setlist, and then complimentary tracks like “Dissolve” compliment the higher energy material. The Bang Bang just seems to get better and better with every release, and that’s very promising for the future. Check out “Bridges” below:

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