INTERVIEW / AUDIO: King Makis – “Eyes To The Sky”

The Nice FM roster is compelling, to say the lease. It seems as though the electronic label/collective’s footprint is ever increasing, and their body of work ever expanding. Today, both grow with the addition of Syracuse based producer King Makis, who releases his debut album, “Eyes To The Sky”. We talked to Makis ahead of the project to see how he got involved with the label, and where things go from here. Check it out along with the album below:

B&E: Introduce yourself! Who are you? What’s your biggest fear?

KM:  Well, my name is Marcus. I’m 31 years old. I live in Syracuse, New York. I was introduced to music production back in 2009 by my best friend, an artist by the name of Scro who mostly did liquid drum&bass. He passed away a year ago. When he passed I made a promise and commitment to learn how to produce on my own music. I never played an instrument in my life. So I struggled at first the learning curve seemed insurmountable. However, I noticed that during the production process I lost myself within it. It became meditative and spiritual. Eventually, I was able to start producing some beautiful tracks songs of my own. It was probably the most gratifying and satisfying moment of my life. It’s been off to the races ever since!

Also biggest fear is a category 5 Zombie Apocalypse. So I teach civilian survival and prep classes on the basics of survivng such a situation.

B&E: How did you get connected to Nice FM? Who reached out to who?

KM: It’s funny NiceFM actually was able to find me. Dashcam had heard my track ‘Lost Marble’ and messaged me after telling my how cool of a sound that I had and wanted to know if he could include that track in COMP5. Obviously, NiceFM has a great history and track record of working with artists so the decision was easy. Absolutely. Not too long after we discussed an album release and have been working in a close partnership on my debut album ‘Eyes To The Sky’

B&E: What artists / sounds inspired the new album?

KM: Such a wide range of influences if you listen to ‘Eyes To The Sky’ you will hear it my music can be almost ‘Bipolar’ in a good way ofcourse. I lean heavily on my synth work and really get inspiration from synthwave artists such as : Com Truise, Lucy In Disguise, Lazerhawk. But honestly, the thread of Hip-Hop in my music is undeniable. I sometimes refer to it as “Synth Hop” because I can’t really peg it as a certain genre.

B&E: Out of all of the tracks, which is your favorite?

KM: I know this is going to sound cliche’ but I am literally in love with my music. If I was an instrument I would marry it. BUT if I had to pick there is something VERY special to me about ‘Shattered Belief’

B&E: Nice FM has an established history of collaboration between their artists. Who are you looking to work with first?

KM:  Dashcam, without a doubt! We have bonded in a weird way. He’s the type of dude that I would have stayed up all night with drank sodas, and played videos games with in my mom’s basement. Battletoads. We would have played Battletoads.

B&E: Finally, now that the album is out, what’s next for King Makis?

KM: I like to tell people that ‘I let my soul lead me’. And it’s put my on the Mixers/Tables lately, really trying to capture the DJ/ Live show thing. I almost feel as though Syracuse needs a superhero like King Makis doing shows to spread good vibes and keep the city lit. But I also am big on the giving back. So I volunteer at the Downtown Syracuse  Library as an Audio Engineer encouraging budding producers and musicians. There is so much talent out there and being able to help people direct it is really special.


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