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In case you haven’t heard, NO/NO are back in a major way with their latest EP, “Twentysomethings”, which was released this week. The record is five quick, fun, pop songs, with an electro pop feel that is inescapable. The EP is also significant, though, because it marks the first time that NO/NO haven’t self-produced a project. Nice FM label head and NO/NO collaborator Dashcam was brought in to put his spin on the release, giving it a little different feel from the band’s previous releases, “Sound and Light” and “Television”. We caught up with guitarist Harrison Colby to talk a little more about the record:

B&E: “Twentysomethings” is out now. How would you say this record differs from “Sound and Light”?

HC: The songwriting on “Twentysomethings” is a lot more concise and direct I think. “Sound and Light” was definitely an album that was written and built in the studio, not as a live band. More like a massive recording project “Let’s lay this down over that”…and then “Oh man how do we perform this live…?” Because we wrote and performed “Twentysomethings” all the way through as a band a ton of times over the past year, recording it was more like a regular process. It was also the first record with our new (almost 2 years now haha…) bass player Ryan and working with an outside producer.

B&E: How did you start working with Dashcam?

HC: He had done remixes of several Gloss artists and we approached him to do a song on our last album, “Television.”

B&E: Why did you guys decide to go with an outside producer for the first time on this EP?

HC: We had just heard the songs and played them so many times, the recordings we did seemed pretty dry. Like, “yep that’s the song.” So we thought if we sent the individual tracks to Dashcam he would be able to do a lot with them that maybe we weren’t hearing and be able to add a lot of cool things. His sort of Dashcam signature works really well for our sound.

B&E: What’s your favorite song on the record?

HC: I don’t really have a favorite because I think it works really well as a whole. The record is obviously about cellphones but it doesn’t really comment at all on communicating in 2017. It’s a concept at the same time that it’s just five pop songs.

B&E: Lastly, what’s next for NO/NO?

HC: Stay tuned!

NO/NO’s “Twentysomethings” release show is Friday night at Linneman’s with Zed Kenzo, Dirty Dancing, and Dashcam.

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