AUDIO: NO/NO – “Twentysomethings”

There’s a certain innocence to being a Twenty-something. It’s a weird time that you’re not quite a kid, but definitely not quite a full fledged adult (at least early on). NO/NO manage to capture that innocence on their new EP, “Twentysomethings”. Produced by Dashcam, the record is a combination of glossy, fun synths, and phlanged-out guitar riffs, the project could fit as the score of a classic John Hughes movie. The lyrical content, however, is more focused on the contemporary. This marks the first time that NO/NO has worked with an outside producer, and the collaboration with the Nice FM label head pays off. There’s a clear departure from their previous release, “Sound And Light”, but “Twentysomethings” is a step even further forward for NO/NO. Check out the EP below:

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