Atlas Genius Show Love to Milwaukee

Last Saturday, October 7th, alt-rock group Atlas Genius brought their “63 Days of Love” tour to The Rave Bar for a night filled with bright color and dancing.


LA-natives Half the Animal started the night off with a bang, followed by a dreamy set from the guys in Flor. It was incredible how passionate both bands were, and that feeling was reflected right back at them from the excited crowd.

It was Flor’s last night on the tour, and the absolute positivity and energy radiating from the vibe they create will no doubt be missed by all. Their style can best be described by the label “dream pop”, even though they are something unique and completely their own. Lead singer Zach Grace has a sweet, almost soothing voice that drips with emotion and had no trouble entrancing the whole room. Combined with the perfect rhythm generated by drummer, Kyle Hill, and fellow vocalists McKinley Kitts and Dylan Hauld creating magic via bass and guitar, the room was alive. As well as including many of the songs (including a few acoustic renditions) off of their debut album , come out. you’re hiding, they even covered Coldplays “Yellow” beautifully, adding their own indie touch.

By the time 9 o’clock rolled around, the Rave Bar was buzzing with lively anticipation for Atlas Genius. Though the group are originally from South Australia, they are no strangers to Milwaukee. Touring with the likes of Andrew McMahon and Jimmy Eat World, their sound has had no issue traveling nationwide and entrancing fans from all over. IMG_3076.jpg

With pulsing, cool lights, the guys took to the stage as the space echoed with cheers. Lead singer Keith Jeffrey approached the mic with confidence and his guitar as his brother, Michael Jeffrey, took his place behind the drum set. The two formed the band together back in 2009, and the fire they produce when playing together is unmatchable. They’re a dynamic duo- as only brothers can be.

Opening with “The City We Grow”, their 15-song set started with a bang.  From the second they started to the very end, the room was moving. Fans of all ages were dancing, some alone and completely vibing on their own, others with friends or smiling lovers. Their hour onstage was something fresh and exciting, they moved and connected with the crowd in such an intensely passionate way. Halfway through, Keith even invited a fan up onstage for a “soul stare”, and invited the crowd to do the same, touching foreheads for a brief period to encourage positivity and love.


Playing older favorites from album When It Was Now (2013) to more recent hits from Inanimate Objects (2015), the audience continued to sing along as Keith danced around the stage and played his heart out. Near the end of their set, they even slipped in an alternative-tinged cover of Dead or Alive’s  “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”.

Finishing with a rendition of their smash hit “Molecules” Atlas Genius were joined onstage by both Flor and Half the Animal for a sing-a-long finale that prompted an eruption of cheers. The three bands danced around the cramped stage and their faces shone with an undeniable happiness, just like the spirited audience that sang along to every word.


You can give Atlas Genius a listen for yourself on their Spotify here

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