AUDIO: Soul Low – “Cheer Up”

It’s a good day in the world of Soul Low, as the band releases their new album, “Cheer Up”. The band has been turning heads with their Blatz-fueled, self-described “jank pop” for some time, but what’s been even more impressive is their ability to keep putting out new, really great sounding music. With eleven tracks in total, including a beautiful string intro, and singles “Bad Set of Moods” and “Chancin’ It”, the album mixes fun sounding melodies with maybe-not-so-fun lyrical content at times. The record also pushes the band’s experimental boundaries, something that they’ve consistently done on every release, as well. Things could be playful and poppy one minute, and then aggressively full of distorted guitars the next. That type of unpredictability has become a Soul Low staple, and keeps you hooked to see what comes next when you’re listening to it. The band will have a release show at the Polish Falcon’s Nest on August 12th, but you can check out “Cheer Up” right now below:

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