AUDIO: False8o – “None Of Us Do”

When LMNtylist and No No Yeah Okay’s Colin Plant launched their side project, False8o, last year, it was the kind of music that kept you craving more. The combination of hip hop, pop, soul, and acoustic guitars created a hybrid reminiscent of acts like Gnarls Barkley, while still maintaining its own unique, creative identity. Not surprisingly, single “Zonin'” started receiving local radio play, and went largely underrated as far as the top songs of 2016 go. However, that project expanded its catalog greatly this week with the release of their debut album “None Of Us Do”. The album fills the void that “Zonin'” left for some time, with eight tracks in total of slick, fun music. The combination of LMNtylist’s production and Plant’s vocals mesh incredibly well with one another, and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have this album in your rotation for quite some time. Check out “None Of Us Do” below:

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