For some acts, Summerfest is a big moment for their reputation in the Milwaukee market; if you’re a headliner, it can solidify follow-up shows elsewhere in the city on subsequent touring runs. For other acts, the festival can be a proving ground for acts looking to extend their fanbase in the city. One of the latter acts this year is Shaed, who will play the Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard at 8:00 on Wednesday, the festival’s opening night. We talked to the band to discuss touring and their upcoming debut album:

B&E: The band is definitely gaining popularity quickly. How does it feel to be playing big festivals like Summeriest?

SHAED: This is our first time doing the festival circuit so playing festivals like Firefly, Electric Forest, and Mamby on the Beach this month has been incredible. We’re especially excited for Summerfest because the line-up is unreal!

B&E: You’re currently working on your debut album. Have you been working out some of the songs when playing live?

SHAED: Yes. Two new songs “Too Much” and “Lonesome” have made their way into our live set. The new ones are really fun to play. We have definitely reworked elements of the tracks based on how people have reacted live.

B&E: When can we expect the new album to be released?

SHAED: There is no set date right now for the album release, but we are dropping our first new single, “Too Much” on July 14th!

B&E: Have you ever had the chance to play Milwaukee before? If so, where?

SHAED: Yes we’ve played the Turner Hall Ballroom twice. Once with Marian Hill and the other with Bishop Briggs. We are also coming to the Rave on July 20th with Sir Sly.

B&E: Is there anyone else on the Summerfest lineup that you’re hoping to see while you’re in town?

SHAED: We’re really looking forward to catching Flume’s set on the 28th. We saw him at Firefly and our minds exploded so we’re pumped to see him again.

B&E: Finally, if you could assemble your own festival lineup, what five artists (living or dead) would you pick?

SHAED: Michael Jackson, Queen, Marvin Gaye, Radiohead, The Fugees


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