Von Alexander Hosts Urban Outfitters’ “Weekend Warmup” Playlist

This is a solid look right here. Urban Outfitters has a strong Soundcloud game, believe it or not, and they asked Milwaukee artist Von Alexander to curate a playlist as part of their “Weekend Warmup” series. In turn, Von expanded the opportunity, giving the city a lot of exposure, by creating an all-Milwaukee playlist. A mini mixtape of sorts, the playlist includes tracks from Von, Sharrod Sloans, Maajei Vu, Mike Regal, Mic Kellogg, and plenty of other local artists. No word on if any of these playlists are actually played in Urban Outfitters stores, but in any case, Von is a good fit for the Urban Outfitters brand and vice versa. Check out the “Weekend Warmup” playlist below:

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