Two Door Cinema Club Blows MKE Away with their First Show Here

The audience was quiet and waiting around slowly anticipating Two Door Cinema Club’s premiere MKE’s show at Pabst Theater. Being hump day, you can tell people were tired and very little low energy after the week. Suddenly, an insane light show started to happen. EDM pump up music started playing, making me and everyone else confused of where they were. I questioned if I accidentally went to the wrong concert.


Photo by Daniel Ojeda

Soon enough, the band walked out to their hype song, waking everyone up with a jolt of their energy. Right from the start, the band were jumping  and dancing around, getting people pumped up immediately. They opened the show with their first tune, “Cigarettes in the Theatre.”

They packed the house with even filling up every seat of the second floor of the balcony. Everyone stood up and started dancing from the first note of the song. Their lights, energy and music was so intense that people could feel from anywhere in the venue, making it feel like an intimate show even from way up in the higher seats.


Photo by Daniel Ojeda

The lead singer, Alex Trimble, one song in, looked around in awe at all these people came out to see them, making their energy turn up even more. They sang songs like “Undercover Martyn,” “Do You Want it All?,” “This is the Life” and “Changing of the Seasons,” which all were just as energetic and intense as the other. Every song that was sang, the audience could feel the music through their veins. No one in the audience was afraid to move and groove. People were jumping, shaking their bodies and boppin’ their heads and feeling the music. It made the audience feel like one all moving as a whole to their music.

Their set made their music come more to life with their crazy panels. The lights on the panel would match the beat of the music, would have crazy patterns, and sometimes computer languages came up, making it seem very odd, but somehow it all worked and gave the songs more energy than they already had.

There really wasn’t a dull moment of the concert. I couldn’t believe how dynamic they kept the concert throughout the whole show. When they went off the stage, the audience adrenaline was so high that they exploded in applause and screams for more music.

Without fail, the band came back out with an even more electrifying performance, closing the show out with “Someday” and their biggest hit, “What you know,” which they started off with vocals only, adding more power to it.

The audience loved every second of their show and it showed as they could barely get themselves to stop clapping at the end of the performance. Their first Milwaukee show was successful, so hopefully this is a sign that they will make a grand return soon.


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