AUDIO: August Traeger – “Dead Wisconsin”

If you haven’t noticed, Wisconsin’s climate is not exactly paradise. In fact, other than a solid 3-5 months every year, it’s cold, or grey, or a combination of both, and some sort of precipitation is falling from the sky on us. Experimental artist August Traeger uses this dreary setting as the basis for “Dead Wisconsin”, an EP that combines all things weird and glitchy with all things gloomy and kinda depressing, released on his label, Bicephalic Records. However, there’s beauty in this madness. Not everyone may get experimental music; in fact, most won’t. That’s why it’s experimental. However, there are interesting facets to the soundscapes and creations that Traeger puts together. In between drones, there’s also playful notes that make full use of your surround sound hearing capability; rather than playing music at you, Traeger is making music around you. Hear for yourself on “Dead Wisconsin” below:

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