INTERVIEW: Revel In Romance

Catching a band as the proverbial rollercoaster of success is climbing for them is a great feeling. With one listen to Atlanta natives Revel In Romance, it’s apparent that they have what it takes to become an emerging artist on the national scene in the very near future. We caught up with frontwoman Saxony Raine to talk about the band, their most recent EP, and much more:

B&E: Who are you? Introduce yourselves!

SR: We’re Revel in Romance, a 5 piece Alt. Pop Rock group out of Atlanta, GA

B&E: Your debut EP, “Right And Wrong” came out last year. How had the band grown leading up to the release of the record?
SR: It takes a bit to settle into a sound when you put together a group of individuals with multiple tastes in music. I’d say our first year was primarily experimenting. We released our first single, “Little Love”, at the end of that year and you can hear, when listening to it vs. the “Right and Wrong” EP, (released at the end of the second year), the journey our musical writing had taken. We threw away most of the first year’s songs because they didn’t sound like us. It was in that second year that we finally knew who we were and were excited to share our sound on the “Right and Wrong” EP with the world.
B&E: What bands do you guys listen to, especially when writing new music?
SR: That’s the thing, we all listen to very different music. So each of us influences our music differently. Devin (lead guitarist) is a hip hop, rap, and metal fan. His favorite artist is probably somewhere between Taking Back Sunday and Drake. He likes beats and drops and swells and he energizes everything we create. Remington (bassist) is all about jam bands like Phish and String Cheese Incident. He loves the local college scene sounds of Athens, GA, where he lives, so he brings a bit of that to our sound. Mark (drummer) has the broadest taste in music out of all of us. He runs a recording studio and music school so he is versed in every genre. We spend the top of every practice listening to a different album from his extensive vinyl collection. Parker (rhythm guitarist and our composer) likes to keep his ear turned to what’s “now”; he listens to bands and artists like Halsey and The 1975. He tells us about an artist a year before anyone else hears about them. And Parker takes all of our different ideas and fuses them into our songs. I love artists with passion in their voices; The ones that make you feel every word. There are a ton of incredible vocalists in the world, but very few that pour their souls into their sound. I am a fan of artists like Alanis Morissette, James Bay, Avril Levigne and Bruno Mars. That being said we don’t really Listen to other bands when we write. Writing usually begins with a riff that Devin starts playing, then Parker layers something over the top,and then Remi and Mark jump in. We revise from there. I just hum a melody to start with and then we put words to it.
B&E: You guys are already making waves, winning several awards. What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
SR: Winning the award for Best Female Rock Artist at the 2016 GA Music Awards was pretty huge. But, a television company, (That we can’t disclose yet!) just asked for our “Echoes” video, so we’re a little anxious about that right now, too.
B&E: Your video for “Echoes” is incredibly well done. How was the experience of shooting a music video?
SR: It was amazing. We are fortunate to be life long friends with Mill Cannon. He has done music videos for Usher, Mariah Carey and several other notable artists. He brought his crew to our house for three days and shot our entire video in our living room and driveway.
B&E: Lastly, any plans to tour beyond the southeast anytime soon?
SR: We’re doing Harrisburg, PA on the 24th of Feb. and NYC on the 4th of March, then Austin, Texas for SXSW and we are hoping (fingers crossed) to do Summerfest this summer. Maybe you could put a good word in for us on that one.

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  • Yeah! I love these guys. Know how to put on a show. Saw them at the Hard Rock last month in Atlanta.

  • REVEL IN ROMANCE? More like the most amazing band ever! Love you guys! Oh and saxony….dude she’s smokin!

  • Caught them by accident July 4th at Summerfest in Milwaukee. My daughter and I were there to see PVRIS. Revel in Romance came on as the first band of the day. They were very good. So good that Saxony earned a rose from the bouquet my daughter had for Lynn Gunn. They looked like they were having fun, music was tight and well rehearsed, lead guitarist rocked his solos. I’m a harsh music critic, these guys were good (and the only band/act worth seeing all day on Euhline’s stage) After their set, all the members interacted with the (rather small) crowd, took pictures and signed CD’s. Well Done Revel in Romance. 9 out of 10.

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