AUDIO: Shoot Down The Moon – “Forever Sedated”

Milwaukee’s Shoot Down The Moon are getting 2017 started in a major way, releasing their new album, “Forever Sedated” this past Saturday. The album is the band’s fifth project, and their first in a little over four years, following 2012’s “Meetings And Greetings”. With that extended gap between releases however, the band was able to craft a very dynamic brand of indie rock that is showcased on this album. “Forever Sedated” blends acoustic and electric well, with downtempo tracks transitioning into more upbeat, grittier songs and vice versa effortlessly. This is a major step for Shoot Down The Moon in terms of sound, as this album feels like some of their best work to date. “Forever Sedated” is a must listen, and definitely an early contender for one of the best independent releases of the year. Check out the album below, and you can purchase it via Bandcamp, as well:

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