AUDIO: 12 Days of Christmas Mixes – DJ Steve Marxx, DJ Khek, DJ Kiki Champ, and DJ Bizzon

Okay, so now we’re hitting the home stretch of DJ Whyte Nite’s 12 Days of Christmas Mixes. It’s Friday, and that means that it’s likely time for some office Christmas parties. Be the office hero this year with any one of these four mixes. We have some local heavy hitters in this batch, including veterans Kiki Champ and DJ Bizzon. So kick back, drink some egg nog, tell Janice in accounting what you really think of her, and then blast these DJ sets. You don’t have to see anyone at the office until at least Monday or Tuesday, probably, so they’ll get over it.

DJ Steve Marxx

DJ Khek

DJ Kiki Champ

DJ Bizzon

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