REVIEW: GGOOLLDD With Har Mar Superstar and Flint Eastwood at Turner Hall Ballroom

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When GGOOLLDD hit the stage on Friday night at a sold out Turner Hall Ballroom, there was a feeling that you weren’t just watching a band. This felt like a spectacle. Friday night was GGOOLLDD’s first (announced) show in Milwaukee since Summerfest earlier in the year, so there was good reason for the added hype. There was some hearsay about the band’s previous Turner Hall appearance, which also sold out in January. This definitely added to the allure; like you were let in on a secret if you were in the room. By showtime, though, it was no secret that the band were pulling out all the stops this time around. The night included balloons, lots of gold glitter and confetti (to be expected),  and of course, a giant inflatable unicorn ride that will live in infamy.


Crowd surfing on inflatable unicorns: the future of transportation#ggoolldd #harmarsuperstar#flinteastwood #turnerhall – @natewuzheer on Instagram


GGOOLLDD added some suspense to their set with a dramatic introduction, gold backing lights flickering sporadically. When the band, and most notably frontwoman Margaret Butler walked onstage, there was a warm roar to welcome them. This felt like a celebration of sorts for a band that the night before had won an 88Nine RadioMilwaukee Music Award for Band of the Year. When it came time to back up that award, they did just that.

The night was peppered with popular singles from GGOOLLDD’s first two EPs, “$tandard$” and “For The Night”. Some of the earliest material got the biggest reactions, with “Boyz” becoming an all out dance party, and Bling Ring eliciting a singalong during the song’s big chorus. There were also two unreleased tracks finding their way into the setlist, a road-test preview of a full record to come soon. Radio-friendly breakout track “Gold” closed out the main set, and current single “Undercovers” closed out a balloon-filled encore. In reality, the band has 10 songs released total; the equivalent of a debut album, but a good portion of Friday night’s crowd knew every song as if it was their biggest hit single. There is a big buzz around GGOOLLDD, and this confirmed it, not that it needed to really be confirmed.

The night was preceded by openers Flint Eastwood and Har Mar Superstar, both of which did everything they could to make themselves memorable. Flint Eastwood’s Jax Anderson was intense; giving an impassioned speech to get the stagnant crowd animated during her opening set, and proceeded to launch into a fun blend of danceable synth pop. Har Mar Superstar may have arguably the biggest national appeal, but played an important role in keeping the crowd going as the middle set of the night. Sean Tillman moved with ease across the Turner Hall stage, and gave his all in a set that would at one point find him literally doing a handstand shirtless in tight pants, in front of hundreds of people.

This night was about GGOOLLDD, however, acting as a showcase of sorts, as well as a homecoming. It was an all-out party, and one that won’t be forgotten for quite some time. The next time the band plays Milwaukee, it may possibly be on an even more grandiose scale, and the band would certainly deserve that level of fanfare.

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