AUDIO: Nightmare On Center Street II Playlist

On Saturday Night, four venues across Center Street in Riverwest will be taken over for Company Brewing’s second annual Nightmare on Center Street. In advance of the festival, a mini-mixtape was put together featuring the performers that will headline High Dive, The Jazz Gallery, Club Timbuktu, and of course, Company Brewing. Some of the standout tracks on this mix are a new song from Klassik featuring Lorde Fredd33, as well as Bo Triplex and his Beautiful Band’s new single “Hold Me Down”, which was just released today as well. There’s also appearances from The Fatty Acids, Chakara Blu, Airo Kwil and Kyndal J, making for a stellar lineup on Saturday night. For more information about the event, check out the event page on Facebook. In the meantime, get your preview with the mix below:

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