AUDIO: Hailey Simone – “In The Air” EP

17 year old Milwaukee emcee Hailey Simone recently landed on our radar for the first time with her single, “Vertigo”, and now we have an EP  to go along with that release. Simone has been hard at work in the studio, and that is apparent from her debut EP, which serves a bigger purpose as not only her introduction to Milwaukee, but the world as well. At a very young age, Simone shows the songwriting qualities of a much more developed artist, and a unique, introspective sound that allows her to carve out her own lane sonically. For a first effort, Hailey Simone shows some signs of becoming something special within the Milwaukee music scene, and that is exactly what you want a debut project to do. Check out the “In The Air” EP in full below:

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