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AUDIO: Hailey Simone – “Kamikaze”

Hailey Simone has kicked off her 2023 with a new single on PV2. She sings to assure someone that if they’re going to be with her, she’s bringing them down with her. Mixing both hip hop and soulful elements, “Kamikaze” finds Hailey Simone firm in her convictions that love gets toxic and it’s up to you to decide who you’re

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AUDIO: Hailey Simone – “In The Air” EP

17 year old Milwaukee emcee Hailey Simone recently landed on our radar for the first time with her single, “Vertigo”, and now we have an EP  to go along with that release. Simone has been hard at work in the studio, and that is apparent from her debut EP, which serves a bigger purpose as not only her introduction to

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VIDEO: Hailey Simone – “Vertigo”

The fresh faces on Milwaukee’s hip hop scene are seemingly never-ending, but occasionally a few faces shine brighter than others. In this case, enter 17 year old artist Hailey Simone, and her natural flow on her track, “Vertigo”. Simone is a breath of fresh are, not because of her age or gender, but because she makes a well-crafted song appear

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