AUDIO: Bloodshot Pyramid – HVY

Your week is about to be off to an incredible start, provided that you press play on the latest EP from Milwaukee’s Bloodshot Pyramid. “HVY” is the group’s second project, released on local label Trauma House, and the follow up to 2012’s “Every Level Larger”. “HVY” is four tracks of dark, heavy (hence the name) electronic music, combining elements of dubstep, 8-bit, and house, amongst other subgenres, into one. For comparison, it kind of sounds like the second level of Super Mario Bros., if that level were possessed and it was actually a fight for your life to escape. With a generous amount of bass throughout, this EP lives up to its name, and is a must-listen for any electronic music aficionado. This thing bangs, and it’s also super creepy at the same time. In other words, you should love it. Check out “HVY” below:

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