Breaking And Entering Presents An Evening With No No Yeah Okay and Peshtigo

Breaking And Entering’s “An Evening With” concert series is returning from October-April, and we’re back with a bang as No No Yeah Okay and Peshtigo take the stage at The Tonic Tavern

Cover is only $5, a and there will also be a special on Rolling Rock, plus craft cocktails from Great Northern Distilling. Come early and be noisy, because the show is being filmed for Breaking And Entering!

Thanks to our sponsors: Rolling Rock, Great Northern Distilling, and PyraMax Bank!

No No Yeah Okay

The soulful vocal melodies of Colin Plant, ethereal guitar work of Chris Quasius, and hooky baselines of Josh Paynter couple with sonically deep arrangements and bleacher-ready hip-hop beats created by project producer, Mark Gage. No No Yeah Okay the artistic sum of these parts.


Peshtigo is a 2 piece band from Milwaukee, WI. The duo create 80’s drenched-pop that will make you wish Jake Ryan is by his car waiting for you.

See you at The Tonic Tavern on Thursday, October 6th!

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