INTERVIEW: Ziek McCarter of Con Brio

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Soul-rock band Con Brio are in the middle of an extended world tour run that includes this year’s Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Fuji Rock Festival, and Summerfest, as well as tour dates with Grace Potter. Their newest EP, “Paradise”, will be coming out in two weeks, and the video for single “Free & Brave” recently debuted on Afropunk. Things are certainly looking good for this 7-piece band from San Francisco. We checked in with frontman Ziek McCarter ahead of their appearance at the Miller Lite Oasis on Sunday at 5:00. Learn more about the band from Ziek right here:
B&E: For those that don’t know, how would you describe Con Brio?
McCarter: Music from and for the spirit.
B&E:  In my opinion, the band sounds like it draws influence from pop and funk artists, but also from classic San Francisco psychedelic music. What bands do you think influence Con Brio’s sound?
McCarter: There isn’t a specific artist pool that we intentionally and continuously pull from. It comes from different places, and sometimes (if not most of the time) that place is within us.
B&E: Summerfest comes in the middle of a long stretch of dates, including some big festivals. Which do you prefer: club dates, or big, outdoor shows?
McCarter: I/we don’t have a preference, honestly. Both can be really exciting and energetic as well as not so exciting. As long as the crowd is ready to turn it up, we’re our happiest.
B&E:  What can we expect on the new EP, “Paradise”?
McCarter: You can expect Paradise to reflect the true musical dynamics of the band as there’s a nice breath in the writing styles. It’s a journey that reflects some of the wisdom and anthems that were retained after releasing Kiss the Sun and seeing our lives change for the better. Not to mention, you can also expect the similar electric live energy we bring to our shows.
B&E: Do you have a favorite song on “Paradise”, and if so, what is it?
McCarter: No, no favorites. The whole album is sort of one song in my eyes.
B&E: Lastly, if you could put together a festival lineup to play on, what five artists would you include?
Beyoncé, Miguel, Sade, Stevie Wonder, and Stevie Nicks.
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