Summerfest Drinking Game

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We all know that Summerfest is upon us, oh wait, you didn’t!? Well, remove yourself from the rock you’re living under and get your can koozies ready because the Big Gig is firing up tonight! This year’s line-up is chalked full of all the sweet sounds of Milwaukee has to offer and with those melodic waves come all the Milwaukee folk with it. If you’ve ever been to Summerfest you know that people watching is just as much of the deal as is Saz’s appetizer platters and $9 dollar Miller Lites. If you haven’t seen the OnMilwaukee piece on the 9 people you WILL see at Summerfest I highly recommend it. As if we needed another reason to throw back those over priced barley sodas, I humbly present the Summerfest Drinking Game 2016 Presented by Breaking and Entering!

The rules are simple. Drink when you spot the person/people that fit the bill. Take a little sip, or in some cases a nice big glug to drown out the humiliation you just witnessed.

Take a drink if:

  • You see someone who has already hit their drunk limit before 6 PM.
  • You walk past the drum circle and think of how fun that shit would be to join in.
  • You get a second hand high just hanging out by the rocks for 10 minutes.
  • You see that middle-aged couple just going to town on each other in a very public place.
  • You see those weird rave kids with the finger gloves that light up performing for other weird rave kids.
  • Your Summerfest cup stack is smaller than the person next to you. (This one is a gimme, no one gives a shit how many beers you drank, just ditch the empty cups.)
  • There is a fight going down and you aren’t a part of it. (Free show)
  • You see a murder of goths. (You know, like crows. Wearing black. Whatever I’m witty)
  • You see anyone still wearing their Electric Forest wristband.
  • You see any suburbanite wearing a neon snapback and a brotank. (Male or Female)

Drink someone else’s beer if:

  • Someone spills half their beer on you. (It’s only fair you get the second half)
  • Someone rudely bumps into you, spilling your full cup that you just paid for and got back to your seat with.
  • Someone thinks they can out do you in pull-ups at the Marine station, so you hold their beer and then walk away.

Take a big glug if:

  • You witness someone get hit with a flip-flop from the sky glider.
  • You’re losing your mind because every kid under the age of 18 is taking selfies instead of watching the show.
  • You really dig the fireworks. (They are usually pretty cool and ‘Murrica!)
  • Some 16-year-old kid asks you to buy them a beer.

Go to Summerfest Jail if:

  • You buy said 16-year-old a beer.
  • You climb a light pole during Martin Garrix.

Finish your beer if:

  • Summerfest is your favorite time of year and you’ll be damned if anyone is gonna stop you from having a good time.

Be kind of safe and stay cool. Now, party on Wayne! (If you don’t get that last reference you may be too young for this blog)



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