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Summerfest Drinking Game

We all know that Summerfest is upon us, oh wait, you didn’t!? Well, remove yourself from the rock you’re living under and get your can koozies ready because the Big Gig is firing up tonight! This year’s line-up is chalked full of all the sweet sounds of Milwaukee has to offer and with those melodic waves come all the Milwaukee folk

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Review – Dirty Heads Live 6/24/15

As a veteran Summerfester I’ve been extremely disappointed with the “World’s Largest Music Festival” these last few years. Bands that played 45-minute sets, little to no encores, and some stages having the volume turned down, I’m looking at you Miller Lite Oasis, left a very unkind taste in my mouth. This year made me forget all of that in the

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REVIEW: Bleachers at Summerfest – 6/27

Coming in hot off of a major 2013, Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff and Bleachers hit the U.S. Cellular Connections stage on Friday night to an overwhelming reaction. The crowd was smaller than Fun’s previous performance at the Miller Lite Oasis in 2012, but nevertheless, they were ready for a great show from a band that they really hadn’t heard much

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