VIDEO: Group Of The Altos – “Coplights”

Group Of The Altos are many things on paper; large, diverse, and talented all seem to be the adjectives that jump off the page at you. However, they’re also very chaotic, as well as beautifully disjointed, and that aspect of the collective is on display with the group’s latest visuals for “Coplights”. While the track takes on a brooding, droning tone, the video is an array to say the least. It is, however, very representative of the large group. Things can be a serene as a violinist on stage, or waves crashing on the beach. They can also, however, be as distorted and grainy as VHS static or as inherently creepy as a vintage staged photo. This video. while it appears to not have a coherent flow to some, definitely conveys a feeling, which is what great videos are supposed to do. This puts you in the mood of “Coplights” as a song, and is very well done overall. Check out the visuals: