AUDIO: WatchTheDuck Featuring T.I and DJ E-Feezy – “Making Love To The Beat”

Welp, the turn up is real. And there’s a duck involved. No I’m not making this up. Atlanta trio WatchTheDuck are gearing up to release their “Trojan Horse” EP on November 20th, and to prepare us all for the duck-ing insanity, they’ve unleashed “Making Love To The Beat”, featuring DJ E-Feezy and none other than T.I. himself. The song is a definitive banger, complete with breakdowns and up-tempo jamming. T.I. provides an aura of cool over the track, and all in all it’s the kind of song you want to play while you’re getting ready to go out, or hope that someone requests in the club. Check out “Making Love To The Beat” below:

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