AUDIO: Gerald Walker – “Target”

After a slew of mixtape releases, and then a long absence, Gerald Walker’s debut album, “Target” is finally available. The drought between releases is well worth it, though, as Gerald put out a double disc, and there’s also a book available detailing the making of the album. Musically speaking, the flow is the same Gerald Walker that we’ve watched grow and evolve, once again on another level. The assistance on several tracks by The Walker Family accentuates his vocals, too, and are some of the points where the tracks shine their brightest. It’s very apparent that this is a breakthrough for Gerald, who we’ve followed from Milwaukee, to Chicago, to New York (though he still name drops Milwaukee). “Target” is definitely your recommended listening for the day, week, and really quite a long time after that. Congratulations to Gerald for finally getting his release out there on such a major level.

“Target” is available via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and physical copies can be picked up here.

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