Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 11/14/14 – Klutch

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Klutch, an up-and-coming artist that blends hip hop, pop, and a touch of rock, while promoting positivity in his music. Earlier this week, he released his debut EP, “Death To Self”, the latest in a series of moves helping him grow as an artist.

Prior to his musical endeavors, Klutch had made his name as a videographer, working alongside several big names in Milwaukee. In addition to the video work, he was also a student to the music scene in the city, prepping himself to take his own step into the spotlight the right way. “Death To Self” is that step, but not without important precursors along the way. Klutch has begun to hone his live show, building up his stage performance as he goes. That being said, there is no shortage of enthusiasm in his performance, as he appears comfortable playing shows for 10 people or hundreds of fans at The Rave. In fact, he has recently done both, entertaining smaller venue crowds, as well as a successful opening slot for MKTO in front of a packed house.

“Death To Self” is as much of a personal record as it is Klutch’s first big introduction to the music scene. With only one feature throughout the EP, it is clearly Klutch’s time to shine, as he carves out his own lane while developing his sound. Led by single “Long Way To Go”, he has a knack for creating catchy, mainstream-ready music. If it hits the right ears, there’s no telling where that could take his career.

With a combination of talent, as well as becoming versed in the business side of making music, Klutch is making strides to take his music to the next level. As he continues to move forward, expect to hear his name more frequently, and definitely keep an ear open for more new music. In the meantime, check out the “Long Way To Go” video, and you can pick up “Death To Self” via iTunes by clicking here.

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