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?!?!?! – The Best Non-Word Titles And Band Names

Earlier this week, FaltyDL released an album titled ///|\||\\\\ , and that got me thinking. There are a a lot of titles and band names out there, generally associated with indie artists, going by names that are either impossible to pronounce or not actual words at all. Not even restricting yourself to the structure of language?! That’s some next level

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VIDEO: Interview with Cherub Satori

We recently caught up with Milwaukee emcee Cherub Satori during a recent stop back home. The Atlanta transplant sat down with our Patrick Carroll to discuss his new mixtape, “Greater Than”, the difference between Milwaukee and Atlanta’s scenes, and even freestyled for us. Check out the video below: You can also check out Cherub’s “How It Go” video, and stream

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VIDEO: King Fantastic – “Spooky Spooks And The Trouble With Capitalism”

King Fantastic have made a much-awaited return with their album “The Great Man Theory”, and that’s amplified by the single “Spooky Spooks And The Trouble With Capitalism”. If you’ve ever seen a King Fantastic video before, you know that things can be a bit out there. This one is admittedly a bit tamer than most, although Killer Reese One has

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