Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 11/7/2014 – Cardiac Da Pulse

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Cardiac Da Pulse, an up and coming emcee with a passion to keep building on his craft. His latest release, “The Shaded Grey EP”, is his chance to introduce himself to the world as an artist. The rest of the project is his story to tell.

From opener “100 Million”, it’s clear that Cardiac has his eyes on the prize. There’s a desire there to make his name, and ultimately come into the money that goes with making your name. Single “See Me Fall” helps reiterate that music, especially within Milwaukee, isn’t an easy climb. However, Cardiac makes his case known on this project. When you hear it, you can tell that he puts everything into his delivery. With a gritty voice, and the help of some quality production behind him, you hear the determination in his tracks.

As the project moves forward, you can tell that his has the feel of an album at times, though it’s packaged as an EP. Along the way, we get to hear cameos from notable names in the Milwaukee area. Featuring production from Derelle Rideout, Mammyth, and a plethora of others, Cardiac gets to flow over a variety of different styles, each producer putting their own spin on things. The album was also mastered by Moses of Higher Education Records, and the “See Me Fall” video was shot by notable producer 40 Mil. It’s clear that he recognizes how a network can help a net worth, and you’ll see that in the quality of “The Shaded Grey EP.”

With the EP as his first solo project, it’s clear that Cardiac Da Pulse has the knack for making veteran moves in a rookie position. As he continues to create and put out new projects, look for his sound to evolve while he creates a more definitive sound. Knowing his determination to succeed, it’s possible that he is already in the earliest of stages on preparing a follow up. Check out “The Shaded Grey EP” below:

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