Review: Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters, Streaming Available

Sonic Highways sets another standard for the Foo Fighters. The album was recorded in 8 different cities, creating 8 different but similar sounding songs. After 20 years, Dave Grohl has set a formulaic sound for his band. From the brooding grunge rock riffs, to the acoustic melancholy ballads, the Foo Fighters stand out from most bands. Although this album doesn’t necessarily stand out from the band’s previous albums, it doesn’t do anything to hurt the band’s standing as rock icons. In opposition to their most recent album Wasting Light, which was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage; the band decided to take their recording on the road. In combination with their HBO documentary we witness collaborations with other artists such as Zac Brown in “Something From Nothing” and “Outside” featuring Joe Walsh. As well as other artists like Joan Jett, Ben Gibbard, and Gary Clark Jr. Unlike other albums, Sonic Highways was recorded in Chicago, Washington D.C., Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York and Seattle. The diversity in production studios gives each song on the album a personal touch that provides the listener with the Foo Fighters we love, with influences of sound found in each of the different cities. Sonic Highways doesn’t pave new roads for the future of rock and roll but it gives listeners a taste of what Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are all about. If you are a Foo Fighters fan, Sonic Highways will give you the fix needed till Dave Grohl’s next musical experience. If you are new to the band welcome to what Foo Fighters are all about. Sonic Highways is available world-wide in stores, and available for streaming on Spotify.

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