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Review: Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters, Streaming Available

Sonic Highways sets another standard for the Foo Fighters. The album was recorded in 8 different cities, creating 8 different but similar sounding songs. After 20 years, Dave Grohl has set a formulaic sound for his band. From the brooding grunge rock riffs, to the acoustic melancholy ballads, the Foo Fighters stand out from most bands. Although this album doesn’t

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AUDIO: Dave Grohl’s Teenage Band, Dain Bramage

The internet has been buzzing this week over a set of demos that were unearthed by Antiquiet, which features Dave Grohl’s high-school era band, Dain Bramage. Recorded in the 1986, you can hear Grohl in all of his pre-Nirvana glory. Spoiler alert: he was killing it, as you can hear below. The group also had an album out in their

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