Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 6/20/14 – Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the week is Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds, a folk/country hybrid with a timeless sound. The group just released “Things I Remember Golden”, a debut album with a very established, smoky sound that will draw you in from beginning to end. Spencer’s vocals are just the right amount of rasp, reminiscent of country legends of the past. Combine that with the Rare Birds’ often tranquil, yet bluesy sound, and you’ve got a winning combination. A quality debut from an artist that has a lot of potential with her group.

At times on this record, Heidi Spencer almost comes off as haunting, with loads of echos complimenting her songwriting style perfectly. Other times, when she needs to be, Spencer is in command, as heard in songs like “Paper Boats”, which would make for a great end of the night jukebox selection at your local dive bar. The song starts off innocent, but gets edgier as it goes on. At times, Spencer plays the vulnerable role well, evidenced by “Dear Resilience”, a song that is filled with emotion. She definitely has range, and knows how to use it to her advantage. The band definitely has the range to pull it off, too, and they also do it well.

Perhaps the best aspect of this record, though, is the fact that it is a debut. The band is sure to make a solid name for themselves with this project under their belt, and undoubtedly future projects to come. Stream “Things I Remember Gold” below:

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