Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/30/14 – Bandman

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Bandman, an artist that has consistently put out new material, leading up to his upcoming mixtape, “Unleashed 2”. The upcoming project will be Bandman’s 2nd mixtape of the year, in addition to “Burnt Bridges”, which came out this February. In addition to mixtapes, you can also find Bandman on a plethora of features from other local artists. Quite simply, Bandman does not quit on his hustle. And through this model of constantly putting out new work, he’s been able to establish his name.

While many artists consistently put out new material, few have the quality of tracks that ended up on “Burnt Bridges”. You can tell from that mixtape that Bandman knows he’s constantly battling for your attention. He wasted no time, rapping from the beginning seconds of the intro to the mixtape, where many others might let the beat build. He keeps that energy up through every beat that he touches. In fact, there isn’t a slow track on the whole mixtape, and there doesn’t need to be. All of the artists featured on the mixtape (and there’s a lot) keep that same intensity up, as well. With a project like this, it’s hard to lose interest, because every track is a different vibe, but keeps it moving.

Bandman also has no problem switching up his flow, going from simply riding the beat to a double time flow to showcase his delivery. And, while he can flow with some high speed if need be, he uses that sparingly, almost like a trick up his sleeve. By switching the flow up, though, he keeps the mixtape fresh. While many artists seem to carry the same sound for a few tracks, that can often create lulls in a project, causing the listener to lose interest. Bandman varies it up on “Burnt Bridges”, and will undoubtedly keep that momentum going with “Unleashed 2”. The first single from that project, “That Shit Lite”, just came out, and you can stream it below, along with “Burnt Bridges” after that:

[gigya src=”” quality=”high”]

For more Bandman, find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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