Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 3/21/14 – Fever Marlene

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Fever Marlene, an indie rock outfit with an overwhelming sense of cool and calm about themselves, and incredible talent that has made them a standout in the city. Following the release of 2013’s “Medicated Friends”, the band has stepped up their profile in support of the album. In the last year, they’ve managed to play to a packed (probably over-capacity) Summerfest crowd while opening up for MGMT, as well as a recent stop in Austin, TX at South By Southwest, as one of the MilwaukeeHome Stage’s headliners. I was there for both shows, actually, and have watched them take full command of what most would consider an intimidating setting to play.

Not to discredit the band, that is. Fever Marlene are incredibly worthy of the big stages and the big show. “Medicated Friends” is full of absolutely wonderful songwriting, tight production, and an energy made for big crowds. The echo-covered, rhythm section driven record is perfect to get the biggest of crowds on their side. Add to that the overarching cool factor to the band and their sound; I’ve seen them walk calmly on stage, and proceed to absolutely kill it as if it was all in a day’s work. They make it look effortless, when in reality it is anything but, and it’s nothing but a good time to see this band play.

With just the right mix of electric, analog, and incredibly clever songwriting, Fever Marlene deliver nothing but quality on “Medicated Friends”. Opener “Better” is simple, yet effective. With drums that encourage the head nod, and a melody that you can learn/sing along to right away, it’s how indie should be done. Equally upbeat and catchy tracks like “Easy Eyes” as well as the album’s title track hook you into this band. With just the right mix of radio-friendly melodies and an indie edge, Fever Marlene has the potential to do some absolutely big things. Keep an eye on them, because I would almost guarantee that they will.

Stream select tracks from “Medicated Friends” and watch the “Easy Eyes” below:

For more Fever Marlene, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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