Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/20/13 – Jae Ace

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Jae Ace, a rapper that just added a major contribution to the quality of the local hip hop scene. Last week, he released “NOON”, a longtime project in the making that finally saw the light of day. Releases like this prove that taking the quality of quantity route has a tremendous impact. Jae Ace was far from out of the spotlight, however, recently performing in the Marcus Ampitheater with Pizzle at Pantherfest earlier this year. Being in the same circle as Pizzle has some benefits, as well: you can hear the influence throughout NOON. Much like Pizzle, you can also hear big beat production from Elusive Orkestra throughout NOON, as well. Jae Ace isn’t Pizzle part two, however. Ace is a hungry spitter, putting his all into each verse, paving his own lane to success.

That being said, Jae Ace can go bar for bar with the best of them, no problem. Even the verse that leads the main page of his website is worthy of a replay, much less the mixtape tracks that follow. There is also something to be said about putting together a complete project from start to finish, which is something that many artists struggle with, regardless of genre. Maybe it’s just a track order choice, or possibly trying to include a standout record to guarantee album circulation, but often times albums and mixtapes can sound disjointed. NOON is not an example of that. The laid back vibe carries most of the sound of this project, with the energy bumped up in select pockets when it’s needed. With just the right mix, NOON by Jae Ace is another shining moment to cap off a solid year of Milwaukee hip hop releases. With projects like this, it’s exciting to see what 2014 will bring for Milwaukee hip hop, and Jae Ace will be one of the artists leading the way if he continues with his current momentum.

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