Milwaukee Artist of the Week 7/26/13 – Architects of the Aftermath

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week are heavy, to say the least. Meet Architects of the Aftermath, a thrash metal outfit with a take no prisoners attitude. Playing since 2009, and with two releases under their belt, there isn’t any pretense to what they’re doing musically. They describe themselves as a “no-bullshit” thrash metal band, and that’s… well, exactly what you get. And it’s exactly what you want from thrash metal. Aggression is an understatement with these guys. Architects of the Aftermath play at about 1000 miles per hour on every track, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Influenced by thrash metal legends Slayer and Anthrax, Architects of the Aftermath arm themselves with two guitars, pulsating double pedaled kickdrums, and furious vocals. If you aren’t in a circle pit by the end of one of their shows, you’re doing it wrong.

Architects of the Aftermath aren’t just a mindless, run-of-the-mill metal band, though. There are many different intricacies in their sound that make them a combination of skill and fury. They incorporate dueling guitars and occasional heavy breakdowns, some of the things that made Anthrax and early Metallica records so memorable. They can string together a breakneck speed guitar solo with a tough, punching breakdown, and do it well. They can keep their energy up, as well. While there are breakdowns, they don’t come often, keeping their tempo as fast as possible throughout the majority of their songs. If you’d like to check out this blistering wall of sound, check out live footage of “Victim” below:

For more Architects of the Aftermath, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation.

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