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REVIEW: The Shrine – “Bless Off”

From the moment I started listening to The Shrine’s “Bless Off”, I knew instinctively that I was listening to it on the wrong speakers. I was listening on my laptop, but clearly, this was an album made for PA Speakers, not just anywhere, but at the skatepark. It needs to be sunny, warm, and well, frankly, California-esque to properly hear

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week 7/26/13 – Architects of the Aftermath

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week are heavy, to say the least. Meet Architects of the Aftermath, a thrash metal outfit with a take no prisoners attitude. Playing since 2009, and with two releases under their belt, there isn’t any pretense to what they’re doing musically. They describe themselves as a “no-bullshit” thrash metal band, and that’s… well, exactly

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