Milwaukee Artist of the Week 7/19/13 – Soul Low

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With enough looking, you’ll find great things happening musically all over Milwaukee, and this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Soul Low, is no exception. Recently, the band released their second project, “Uneasy”, a record that should go into any local indie collector’s rotation immediately. The band takes influence from a plethora of different acts, and that is evidenced throughout this project. The sound of Soul Low isn’t by any means a cookie cutter indie formula, though. It’s a high energy dance frenzy that draws you into the entire eight track release.

There are great elements sprinkled all “Uneasy”, including a tenor sax on “Sitting By The Fire” that would make local fans who remember the Oil Tasters stand at attention, and a clever interpolation of vocals from Blondie’s “The Tide Is High” briefly appearing on “Wake Up Pains”. I can honestly say that multiple times during my first listen to this album, I turned and looked at my speakers, and said to myself “what the hell is that?” (in a good way). In fact, it’s kind of hard to come up with one particular band to compare to Soul Low; there are elements of familiar sounds, but blended into something beautifully unique.

With a combination of catchy writing and great production, “Uneasy” is a record capable of taking a band to the next level. Not surprisingly, Soul Low is taking their show on the road in support of the album’s release, with a string of shows on the east coast in August. Their kicking off their tour in Milwaukee, however, on August 1st at the Cocoon Room. Stream “Uneasy” below via Bandcamp:

For more Soul Low, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp.

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