So… Yeah…

What up world?!

It’s been a minute or two since I’ve updated my blog. Sorry, apparently I had this whole school thing to finish up. Let me bring you up to speed again on where things are going…

First off, I’m going to have a lot of content in the near future for you to check out. As I write this, I’m working on getting Mattersville, the short film that I finished this semester, in a form that you can check out online. I kinda really hope that you enjoy it. NOFX, The Swellers, and Milwaukee’s own Prophetic let me use their music for it. Oh, and it won best screenwriting at the Marquette Student Film Festival so that’s… something. I won some colored CD-Rs!? Regardless, I spent four months on it. You should spend a solid 25 minutes watching it. I’ll have a release date on Facebook in the near future. (have you liked us on Facebook yet?)

In addition to that, I also recently co-produced an EP with Christina Kowalsky for Claire Kelly. You should all check her out. Incredibly talented. We (Claire) knocked out all the guitar and vocals in a day. Actually, less than four hours. I tracked everything else at home in a day. It’s not supposed to be that easy, right? Anyway, look out for it. It’s not hip hop. I might have range or something.

Now, for the stuff that kinda matters: where Breaking And Entering is at. We’re gonna try to make more of an effort to meet people face to face this summer. Now that we’re both out of college, we can put in a little more effort to the company. Or something. We’ll put in a little more of whatever it is we do into Breaking And Entering. Go with that. I understand that with buying tees, sometimes you actually want to be able to check out what you’re buying in person. My dream is for there to be a brick and mortar store one day, but that’s nowhere near a possibility… yet. There is also something kinda big that I can’t exactly talk about in the works, but we haven’t had an official meeting about (AKA Steve and I haven’t gone golfing and talked about) it yet. Keep checking in with us. It’ll be worth it.

Hmm… what else…

Oh, block parties. Summer means block parties, and if anybody out there has connections to one, we’re interested in going and selling our tees there. Please forward any information to and I’ll look into the possibility of Breaking And Entering being there.

I think that’s all for now. Also, I need a full time gig. But I’ll take care of that.

– Allen

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