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INTERVIEW: Jonathan Diener of Baggage/The Swellers/Braided Veins Discusses “Not Safe To Drink”

If you’ve seen literally any news lately, you’ve probably heard about the Flint Water Crisis, where essentially the town’s water supply was contaminated with lead, thanks to the city cutting corners and switching the main water source in order to save money. This has left the city without drinkable water, and thousands of people have been exposed to possible lead

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AUDIO: Braided Veins – “Unspeakable, Unthinkable”

It just got way more punk in here. Michigan punks Braided Veins recently premiered “Unspeakable, Unthinkable” a fast-paced, jerky song that clocks in at barely over two minutes. Complete with gang vocals, pulsating pace, and feedback guitars, this is definitely the soundtrack for crushing everything in your immediate area. Drummer Jonathan Diener, formerly of The Swellers, called it “the most

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So… Yeah…

What up world?! It’s been a minute or two since I’ve updated my blog. Sorry, apparently I had this whole school thing to finish up. Let me bring you up to speed again on where things are going… First off, I’m going to have a lot of content in the near future for you to check out. As I write

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