Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 1/25/13 – Genesis Renji

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Genesis Reni

One of the main reasons that we’ve always supported Milwaukee music, in whatever we’ve done, is so that the talented artists who get overlooked get a chance to shine. This week, that is the case with our Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Genesis Renji. On first listen, it almost feels like the trap beats that he selects don’t exactly match his style. Then, Renji gets a few bars in, and it’s apparent; he’s about to rip this beat apart. And Renji does just that.

As a kid, hip hop wasn’t allowed in his house, so Renji was one of many Milwaukee youths who turned to poetry. He excelled in that form, and made it into national competitions with his talent. At a later age, he began rhyming over beats, and Genesis Renji, meaning “Beginning Flame”, was born. Currently, Renji has put out several releases, and is working on another one. He still mixes in his spoken word style to his music, but being locked down to a specific subgenre of hip hop just doesn’t happen. His most recent project, A Shot of Gen II, bounces from hustle-heavy trap music, to industry beats, to lyrical hip hop, to spoken word. All of these elements make Genesis Renji’s music a truly unique listening experience.

Check out the video that he dropped this week, “Maserati in Milwaukee” here:

For more Genesis Renji, check out his Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation.

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