Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/5/12 – Gerald Walker

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There’s so much to be said about what Gerald Walker has done within the past couple of years that it’s hard to put it all into one Milwaukee Artist of the Week post. For starters, he’s had seven releases in the past two years, and is beginning to work on his 8th (we assume, he’s just constantly putting out music). His tracks are produced by Cardo & Sledgren of the Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa’s producers). And in addition to all of that, he just had his first headlining show last night in Chicago, in support of his latest release On Your Side Part Deux, which came out last Friday. We had to showcase Gerald, because he was one of our biggest examples of Mllwaukee artists making it to the next level when we were pitching a music television show to local stations. He’s just one of the many examples of artists that are ready for the mainstream, and Gerald is already breaking into that level of popularity. Check out his latest video, which also just got released, for “Live It Up” from On Your Side Part Deux.

And, here’s “Bulletproof Soul”, from the Believers Never Die mixtape:

For more Gerald Walker, check out his mixtapes, Facebook, Twitter, and website. Or just Google him and get about a billion results.

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