Breaking And Entering Mash-Up of the Week #1: Sleigh Bells vs. Ludacris

Breaking And Entering, AKA Mine and Steve Frymark’s radio show, have some a new feature that we began this week, called the Mash-Up of the Week. We’re taking two songs that don’t belong together and well… creating a mash-up. Check out this week’s edition: indie group Sleigh Bells’ “Kids” vs. Ludacris’ “How Low”:

We also need help deciding Breaking And Entering’s Hero of the Week . Vote for either a group of Mexican drug smugglers who tried to use catapults to launch marijuana over the border, or a 14 year old boy from the 19th century who was recently discovered to be Queen Victoria’s stalker, who stole her panties.

If you didn’t catch Breaking And Entering this week on Marquette Radio, you missed out on a great show. We’ll be back every Thursday from Noon – 1 P.M. at

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