Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Cranberry Show – Super Old Shit We Think Is Wack But You Might Think Is Dope

The second installment of TCS’ holiday mixtapes. This one’s made up of other songs you might have heard from a few years ago. Honestly the only songs I haven’t heard before on here are “Dancing With A Fat Girl” and “We Ride”. If you’re new to TCS, or just don’t have these tracks, download them by clicking the picture below:

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Four Loko: Causing All Sorts Of Bad (But Hilarious) Decisions

So, there’s this drink called Four Loko. I don’t drink, so I can’t really describe it, I guess. People are considering banning it, though, because of the amount of debauchery it causes. Here’s the explanation: However, for those of you wanting to know what really goes down, there is a website for that: See more stories like the following,

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